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Happy Atoms


Happy Atoms


Happy Atoms


Created by chemistry set maker Thames & Kosmos along with Pittsburgh-based Schell Games, Happy Atomsteaches kids about building molecules using magnetic atoms that connect in “happy” ways.

The entire kit comes with multiple elements — oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, etc. — that click together. You can then scan the molecule using an iOS device and see data on the elements, as well as a rundown of molecular features. For example, you can build a fructose molecule and then see where fructose appears and what it does to the body, i.e. makes it feel good.

  • Set of 50 magnetically connecting atom models representing 16 different elements
  • Encourages scientific exploration, strong understanding of and appreciation for chemistry
  • Explore the building blocks of the universe with the simplicity of a magnetic snap!
  • Discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way
  • Metal tips represent free electrons, magnetic spots represent empty spaces for electrons in atom's outermost electron shell
  • Experiment and connect different atoms to create different molecules - Use included app to identify them
  • App provides detailed information about 120 of the most important molecules - Usage, properties, hazards, formula, structure
  • Explore and discover tens of thousands of different molecules!
  • App helps you track which molecules you've discovered, takes you on guided quests to discover and learn about new molecules
  • Includes 50 atoms, scanning mat
  • Detailed, 16 page quick-start manual included
  • App currently can only be downloaded on Apple iPhone® or iPad® and Android
  • Atom cores each measure approximately 1.25 inches in diameter
  • High quality design and materials for lasting durability, exceptional learning experience
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