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Get in touch with your inner word nerd with this fiendishly challenging solitaire or multiplayer game that combines the best of crosswords with the addictive quality of popular number games. You don't need a genius vocabulary to play--it's based on a sixteen-letter grid comprised of common four-letter words--but your concentration and deductive reasoning will be stretched. Select a clue card which initially only offers a scrambled set of the letters and a few letter pair clues you'll need for that round to form either four or eight interlocking words and complete the puzzle. When you get stuck and your brain cries out for mercy, the clue card unfolds like a little puzzle itself to offer more specific word hints--i.e. “valuable stones” (gems) and “hourly charge” (rate)--that nudge you toward success. Includes 55 letter tiles, 40 puzzle cards and game instructions. Made in China.

  • An amazing word puzzle challenge game
  • Build a grid of interlocked words like a crossword puzzle
  • Use the letter tiles and logic (and the clue card)
  • Encourages language skills, reasoning skills & logic, fun interaction
  • Designed for players of all levels
  • Stumped? Open a clue tab!
  • You decide when you’re ready for the next clue!
  • One clue shows you letter combinations that are in the puzzle
  • Another clue shows you the position of certain letters in the grid
  • Solutions to each puzzle are included (but don't give up too soon!)
  • Lock the letters together into words
  • Ideal for solitaire play or as a fun group challenge
  • 40 puzzles with clue books
  • 55 letter tiles
  • Instructions included
  • High quality, long-lasting construction
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