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Rooted Earth Smudge Spray


Rooted Earth Smudge Spray


Rooted Earth Smudge Spray


Rooted Earth Smudge Spray is perfect for when you want to cleanse your space and crystals. White sage, lavender, and catnip are my favorite 3 herbs for cleansing and smell amazing. The moon + quartz + amethyst that are infused into the spray make it extra powerful.

This smudge spray was infused under the full moon with quartz, amethyst, white sage, lavender, and catnip.

Comes in a 2 or 4 oz glass cobalt blue spray bottle. Also available in a 1 oz plastic spray bottle, perfect for traveling!

  • Made in : Maine

  • Made of : Water, Witch Hazel, infused with: the full moon, quartz, amethyst, white sage, lavender, and catnip.

  • Size : 4 oz

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